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Built to Last and Excel

Sur-Flo products are built to last and excel in challenging, high-debris and high-corrosion services. We take your needs for measurement and control, and manufacture products that can handle whatever your operations throw at them. Our products resist plugs, wear and tear, to constantly stand the test of time. With our extensive supplier network and manufacturing capabilities, there are virtually no limitations to finding the right solution for your operations. Our focus is on providing you with robust, low-maintenance solutions that simply work.


Sur-Flo is proudly owned and operated out of Calgary, Alberta. All of our products are made in-house, which means we offer quick and efficient customer service and local support as well. Sur-Flo is committed to delivering you reliable products that are manufactured just down the road from your business.

A simple design that is durable and easy to maintain.

Sur-Flo designs and manufactures robust and ecofriendly metering and pressure control products that are reliable, intrinsically simple, and extremely user-friendly. Our end goal is to deliver you a product that has reduced maintenance, minimal downtime, and results in long term savings. Our skilled manufacturing staff take pride in making best-in-class meters and controls, including products customized to your application.